Our Staff

Nathan Harrington, Executive Director

Nathan Harrington was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Rockville, Maryland. After graduating from Bates College in Maine, he taught social studies and Spanish in DC area public schools for 11 years and earned an M.Ed Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from Howard University. Nathan has lived and been civically active in Ward 8 since 2009, chairing the Committee to Restore Shepherd Parkway and managing the Ward 8 Farmers Market.  In 2018 he spearheaded the formation of the Ward 8 Woods Conservancy.  He has also worked as a local urban gardener and professional tour guide.

Raymond Coates, Outreach Coordinator

Mr. Coates is a native Washingtonian who has spent his professional career as a community advocate and social service provider. He served in a variety of roles with the Edgewood/Brookland Family Support Collaborative, the North Capitol Family Support Collaborative, and Building Bridges to Success, Inc. Through this work he became increasingly aware of the physical environment’s impact on the health and vitality of urban residents and resolved to work on fostering healthy relationships between humans and their environment.  

Mr. Coates is a graduate of the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program, Master Gardener, and Master Naturalist certification programs at the University of the District of Columbia.

Pamela Fullerton, Business Manager

Pamela Fullerton is the owner of Empire Office Services, a DC-based  company specializing in bookkeeping and advisory services to new and fledgling businesses. A native of London, England, she lives in Ward 4.

Park Stewards

From left: Dalton Wilson, Daquan Williams, Chuck Jenkins, Davon Abney, Henderson Blount.

Since 2018, the Ward 8 Woods Park Steward program has provided living wage income, meaningful work, and green jobs training to Ward 8 residents who face barriers to employment such as criminal history, disability, or lack of credentials. Park Stewards are the boots on the ground for all of our forest restoration, trail building, and outreach efforts.

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