Proposed Suitland Parkway Northside Trail

Status: Proposed
Length: 2.2 miles
Difficulty: Challenging

In February 2021, Ward 8 Woods officially proposed the first new hiking trail in Ward 8 in a generation, tentatively named the Suitland Parkway Northside Trail. 

The trail would hug the sunny, south-facing hillside the rises above the roadway, passing by rock outcroppings, up and down ravines, and over numerous streams. 

The trail would begin at the corner fo Sheridan and Pomeroy Roads and travel east across Stanton Road and Alabama Avenue before terminating at Southern Avenue. 

The trail would parallel the paved Suitland Parkway bike trail, which is set to me renovated in 2024. It would also connect to the existing George Washington Carver Trail

                                                                            Click here to explore the proposed route.

Ward 8 Woods  is in discussions with the DC Department of Transportation, which owns the land, and will be submitting a formal proposal to the DC Department of Transportation’s Recreational Trails Program in summer 2022.

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