Private Forest Patches

Ward 8 is dotted with dozens of forest patches that range in size from a few trees to hundreds. Many remain in a natural state because steep slopes make them difficult to build on or to use other ways. Others have grown up on the site of structures demolished long ago.

Some have a single owner, often an absentee real estate investor. Others are divided into many slices, each associated with a nearby house or building.

These forest patches serve the same important functions as public parkland: they filter the air, soak up water, reduce summer temperatures, and provide a haven for wildlife. But most of Ward 8 forest patches have received little or no maintenance for decades, leaving them severely polluted with trash and invasive species. 

This is why Ward 8 Woods works with private landowners to clean up and improve these areas. When private landowners are unresponsive, we call in city enforcement to compel action on these “nuisance properties.”

If you own land in Ward 8 and are interested in land restoration, please contact us. And if you know of wooded areas in need of attention, please reach out to us. We can help identify the owner and see that the site is cleaned up.

Priavate Forest Patches
Private Forest Patches
Private Forest Patches

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